KANT 4 SCSCP Package

Symbolic Computation Software Composability Protocol

This homepage provides the KANT SCSCP package developed for the SCIEnce project. The both main packages which are libkant and autokash allow KANT to work as SCSCP server and client using the TCP/IP protocol for communication. Since the libkant library is due to licence issues, we have statically built it in the autokash tarball named autokash-3.1.10-x86_64-pc-linux.tar.bz2.

Released Packages

The README file contains general information about the download of the packages.


KANT/KASH SCSCP client shell:


The documentation is available in the PDF format here

Openmath Content Dictionaries developed for SCIEnce project


Last updated: 02 March 2010 by Sylla Lesseni