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QaoS - Algebraic Databases

QaoS - Querying Algebraic Objects System  new 

  • QaoS is the successor of Kate, the Kant Database of Number Fields.
  • It has been entirely redesigned to fulfil modern demands for accessing large amounts of pre-computed algebraic data, both comfortably and fast.
  • Its modular design promises scalability and extensibilty.
  • QaoS was implemented under the aspect to establish a common gateway to an algebraic database via web-browsers and computer algebra systems, such as KASH, Magma and GAP.
  • QaoS is intended to provide data for:
  • QaoS is currently keyword driven, but we soon plan to offer other comfortable query search methods

Qaos Web Interface

Query QaoS using the web interface.

Accessing QaoS from Computer Algebra Systems

The acess of QaoS from computer algebra systems makes it possible to process the data from Qaos in the systems immediately. The packages for all systems require that you have curl installed.

Note that the query syntax for all access methods (WWW, KASH3, GAP, Maple) is the same.

Contact: mail@kantmath.de