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SCIEnce (Symbolic Computation Infrastructure for Europe)

The SCIEnce project brings together the developers of four powerful symbolic computation software packages (GAP, KANT, Maple and MuPAD) and a major symbolic computation research institute (RISC-Linx) supported by research groups expert in essential underpinning technologies, to unite the European community of researchers in, and users of, symbolic computation.

For more information visit the KANT 4 SCSCP Packages homepage or the SCIEnce homepage!

QaoS (Querying Algebraic Objects System)

QaoS is a database interface implemented under the aspect of establishing a common gateway via web-browsers and computer algebra systems. QaoS is designed to fulfill modern demands for accessing large amounts of pre-computed algebraic data, both comfortably and fast.

Visit the QaoS Homepage or try QaoS here!


GiANT is a graphical interface for working with number fields. It dynamically provides the user with typeset information, diagrams, and drag-and-drop functionality. The result is a level of human-computer interaction which is difficult to achieve in a shell environment. GiANT is written in Java 1.4 and runs on top of the computer algebra system KASH 2.5.

GiANT can be obtained from the GiANT homepage.

Contact: mail@kantmath.de